CNC milling

On CNC processing centers we produce milled pieces up to X: 4000 mm, Y: 1000 mm and Z: 1000 mm as well as profiles up to a length of 8 m.

In the area of milling we employ state-of-the-art high-speed machines with 5 axes, and for unattended production we use suitable machines with multiple pallet changers.

CNC turning

We turn pieces up to 680 mm in diameter and 1500 mm in length using double spindle machines with Y-axis, C-axis and driven tools.

Surface grinding

The traverse path has dimensions of X: 800 mm, Y: 400 mm, Z: 375 mm. We offer flat, groove and profile-grinding to an accuracy of 0,001 mm.

Cylindrical grinding

Up to a diameter of 350 mm and a length of 1000 mm we offer a range of grinding options including outside- cylindrical and face grinding. To this also belongs inside cylindrical grinding to the highest precision.

Milling engraving & laser engraving

Identification or labeling of our products is done by means of milling engraving & laser engraving.

Milling engraving traverse path with dimensions of X: 4000 mm and Y: 600 mm.

Laser engraving traverse path with dimensions of X: 160 mm, Y: 160 mm and cylinder engraving up to a diameter of 150 mm.

Wire-cut EDM

We also provide, with high precision and surface roughness, most metals and electrical conducting materials within the following dimensions: X: 750 mm, Y: 500 mm and Z: 350 mm.

Die sinking EDM

Die sinking EDM is utilised with complex contours or with workpieces which may not be completely processed through. Traverse path with dimensions of X: 525 mm, Y: 400 mm and Z: 450 mm.

Waterjet cutting

With waterjet cutting, parts with dimensions of X: 4000 mm und Y: 2000 mm can be cut. Soft parts, for example parts made of rubber or foam, are processed under high pressure using pure water. Parts made of hard materials, for example steel or ceramic, are processed using abrasive sand.